Nintendo's latest portable console.
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This just kinda appeared on my 3DS. Anyone tried it? It's kinda cute.

Yes. I like it.

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My girlfriend and I are constantly spaming messages to one another. (I got her a 3DS for Christmas.)

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I send tons of messages to my friends. It's very interesting, I'm glad it's out. Though it'd be nice to get something closer to instant messaging soon, that'd be even more amazing.

Does everyone have this yet? I'm enjoying it.

Welp. Nintendo gutted it last night by killing the SpotPass features. Now it's useless unless you have nearby friends that you can StreetPass with, at which point you might as well talk to them directly. Guess that means you can't get updates for games via it anymore - like Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem. I assume that this means that we won't see neat messages about upcoming games or holiday messages from game designers, either.

Darn little kids swapping "inappropriate content" and getting it shut down.

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I hate Nintendo lately

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Nevermind that this has been happening on the Internet since the dawn of time
Ray wrote:I hate Nintendo lately
maybe one day they'll get it


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