Crown 3DS

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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Sorry, I had to.

An update was made this morning (they've been at 50% for a few months now). The engrish may be misleading, the card itself looks legitimate. To bypass nintendo's security/potential bricking, there's no menu or removable memory; one game at a time like the ol' days. This will prevent anything from popping up online saying "HURR I'M ON A FLASH CARD". Playing games with wireless activated before release may result in a brick/ban/etc as well.

Roms have been dumped already, but it's not like we can do anything with them yet. Perhaps modifications could be done to the rom itself, such as removing mandatory updates or trimming.
Good thing I just picked one up last night. :lol

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Nintendo sent a message saying that the latest firmware will be automatically downloaded... so watch out.

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