Mario Kart Seven

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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Damn, Devo beat me to it.

How you liking it so far Pux? Wish I could join you online in a few games but the lack of a good wireless internet here at college makes it rather impossible.

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If there are collectibles, i will collect them... trying to get 10 coins each match to get all the gear. Finished 100cc in a few hours with at least 2 stars on every circuit. The 3D doesn't bother me that much on this, compared to Zelda/Starfox.

I only bought it because there's no update on the Crown3ds yet :<

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There are collectibles. There are a looooot of collectibles. I don't think I'm ever going to get them all unless I play online a lot more. After a while, getting new parts for your kart take a lot more coins than the first couple did.

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You'll eventually get to the point where you need like 500 or 1000 coins to unlock the next thing.

Still, this game is good times. Hit me up on Steam if you wanna kart.

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