Mario Kart Seven

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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You couldn't play Waluigi Pinball in online mode? Far out...

Hell, I don't even remember what MKDS online is like. It was probably pretty limited.

I remember it pretty vividly. It was kind of a big deal.

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I vaguely remember that; I thought there was another level you couldn't play online in that game...

Good times!

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I think there were several, Waluigi stood out because it was a favorite and the fact that it actually worked pretty well when played online.

Okay; I have to admit - it's far better than I expected.

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Damn skippy it is.

EDIT: I keep forgetting, we all need to play together at some point. It'd be awesome. :D

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Gaming Night Redux? Where we all 'forget' it happens? Where we only pick Moo Moo Farm? :)

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that thing i started but no one did because no one here plays games.

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i think ima get mk7 soon. will be able to play around jan 8

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Now that I've had loads of time with the game; Mario Karts: Ranked!
Mario Kart: ranked
1. Mario Kart 64
2. Super Mario Kart
3. Mario Kart DS
4. Mario Kart 3DS
5. Mario Kart Double Dash
6. Mario Kart Wii
7. Mario Kart Super Circuit

oh, and there was that arcade one that I played once on the ferry and my friend couldn't get items to work. That was.... interesting. It had Pac Man in it and shit.

I've bought all these Mario Karts at one point or another, but don't own #6 or #7 anymore because, well, they are problem children.

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Ray wrote:i think ima get mk7 soon. will be able to play around jan 8

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still don't have it. guess i realized that being unemployed means spending less

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just bought this.

i added all of you.

i only have keiroshin on my list.

'fuck is up?

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Puxel wrote:bought this.

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