Zelda Four Swords

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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I trust you all have or are going to download the free zelda four swords promotional. Ive never played the GBA four swords (only the GCn one), so im excited for this.

Oh, is it available now? I'd been waiting impatiently.

SHOOT. I only have my 3DS with me. My DSi is back home. I'm never going to be able to play Four Swords with anyone...

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a reason to open the e-shop

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Its on both. I downloaded it for both and passed my dsi to a friend and we played the first level. It was a lot of fun, cant wait to tackle Death Mountain.

Well, it's not like I've never beaten it before. I beat it back on the GBA... but still. I'm not going to find people who have the DSi or 3DS here. I've found a very few people who have admitted to having a DS with them, but they're all original or Lites. On the other hand, maybe four of the guys on my floor have a PSP with them.

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There is a single player mode built into this game, so if you really wanted to re-experience it and unlock the original content you have an option.

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Awesome, just wait until I get my 3DS.

We'll be back when any interesting developments occur

5 months later

*cobwebs on announcer*

And now let's go right back.... there! To AC's!

"Hey guyz, mes got a 3DS! Four Swords anyone?"

NC comm: Don't care! We're all playing Minecraft 3D. Biiiiootchhh.

There's a Minecraft 3D?

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... erm, it's still under wraps.

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There's always been a 3D glasses option

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