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Yo, Nintendo, I'm really happy for you and Im'ma let you finish, but Wind Waker was the best Zelda of all time. OF ALL TIME!

AKA I want to see Wind Waker on the 3DS. Unlikely, but I'd be pleased.

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While I'd disagree on WW being the bestest, I wouldn't mind replaying it in 3D. I'd rather get Majora's Mask first, since the graphics didn't age nearly as nicely. I don't expect to see either.

I'd really like to see more 2D Zelda games. I hope they aren't done with those. Haven't played Oracle of Seasons yet. I'm looking forward to seeing that in the eShop.

WW is my favorite. Not necessarily the best. *shrugs*

I would want MM in 3D first, too.

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Warp, I didn't know we were same-zelda-favorite bros!

Ray wrote:Warp, I didn't know we were same-zelda-favorite bros!

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The ocarina buttons are weird. Not sure why A X and Y aren't the equivalents of the C-Buttons that were arranged in the same diamond pattern. It would also be nice if you could use an item (like Lon Lon Milk) straight from your inventory without having to equip it. Otherwise its OoT with (really) great graphics and a few improvements, such as four item buttons (X,Y and two touchscreen buttons) and a dedicated ocarina touchscreen button.

Kid Link's face is so great now.

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The ocarina's buttons make sense if you think of it like a real ocarina, L+R being the buttons you're thumbs cover on the bottom.

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I know nothing of a real ocarina, but didn't the n64 controller have R and L buttons?

I was really just nitpicking. I'm just thankful that I'm not blowing into the microphone.

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I finished me playthrough today, so now I'm going back and looking up secrets on the internet of stuff I missed in the game (biggorons sword for example, I never knew how to do that.) I finished off with 15.25 hearts, 55 gold skulltulas (you only need 50 for the piece of heart, at 100 they just give you a lot of rupees) and I think I found every fairy fountain. Also I cant seem to find my Prima game guide from 1998 and I'm super pissed about that.

I've been playing very slowly. I was on vacation for a week and a half, and didn't really have a good opportunity to play my 3DS. The last few times I've played, all I've done was run around as a kid, doing little tasks (collecting pieces of heart, planting magic beans, collecting gold skulltulas and their rewards (I had 38 before becoming an adult for the first time), getting bomb and slingshot and deku stick upgrades, grabbing magic spells, doing the mask sidequest, and fishing for the 10lb fish) before pulling the Master Sword and seeing the cutscenes. Then my 3DS demanded to be charged with all kinds of blinking lights, so I left off there for the night. If that hadn't happened, I probably would have gone on to grab the hookshot and grabbed some more skulltulas. I'm quite thorough before I go to the future, because I hate how you can't return to the past until you've beaten the Forest Temple.

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I'm at the bottom of the well. I haven't been this far for years. I'll get any heart pieces or skulltulas that I come across, but I'm not making any special efforts.

I finally understand the windmill guy saying that a kid came in and messed up the windmill with the Song of Storms now. Who composed the song? He learned it from Link and Link learned it from him. Time travel paradoxes...

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Yea I distinctly remember rage quitting in the water temple because of one damn small key i couldnt find on my last playthrough. Bottom of the Well annoyed me, the Spirit Temple was great though.

EDIT: I just looked at the month of june sales charts and zelda sold 5th most of any game. I feel like that's pretty good, considering the amount of 3DS's in the world.

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I think they did enough to fix the water temple for me. When I heard that they were changing it, I imagined them doing something stupid.

At the bottom of the well, I ended up getting every treasure chest that wasn't invisible before I found the lens of truth. That was fun.

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The painted walls around the key doors were super helpful, they provided a mental checkpoint as much as anything, where am I in relation to the weird doors, etc. Quite helpful.

I'm still holding out on the 3DS until they make a revision. Right now I'm playing around with my all my other consoles.

You know, I just realized I have all of Nintendo's home consoles except the virtual boy? Does that make me a fanboy?

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