Nintendo 3DS Info Thread

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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The newest handheld console from Nintendo.


  • 3.53" 3D Top Screen with 800x240 resolution (400 pixels for each eye)
  • 3.02" Touch Screen with 320x240 resolution (not 3D)
  • 2 outer cameras capable of 3D pictures
  • 1 inner camera
  • Wireless communications now support WPA/WPA2 (finally). The hardware is designed to exchange information even when not in use (think 24/7 Tag Mode without needing the cartridge in the slot all the time)
  • "Slide Pad" analogue stick
  • 3D effects slider (decrease or increase the 3D effects)
  • Microphone
  • Backwards compatible with all existing Nintendo DS titles

I don't like the current appearance, although it says that it's subject to change. I didn't like the E3 photos of the Nintendo DS back in 2004, either. I'll be buying it, I'm sure, [almost] no matter the appearance... but I sure hope that won't be the final.

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It's probably subject to the DS lifecycle. Ugly start, sleek redesign, and final revisions.

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I'm quite excited for it. I'll probably camp outside of Best Buy if they release it on a Sunday like the Wii and many of their games.

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Still expected by March '11?

edit: also, no multitouch? =[

edit2: no microphone jack =[

I'll just preorder the thing. Why camp when I can just have it?

In response to Ray:
Multitouch is nice, but do you REALLY need it for a game system? I don't like using multitouch controls on iPod Touch games.

And do you actually use a headset on your DS? I know I don't.

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I can't think of a good reason to use multitouch for gaming. It might help some (use pinch-zoom to zoom in/out of a map or something), but I think we'll be fine without it. I would be worried if the DS weren't mostly intended for gaming (like a web browser or something).

A microphone jack? What would you want that for?

Also yes, preordering is the key to success.

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Looks amazing so far. I'm loving the colors they've released. Before, they really didn't focus all that much on colors when they launched a new system so I'm glad they've taken that into account. I don't mind a headphone jack being missing but it's odd that they would get rid of it so I'm sure it'll be revised as Devo noted. I'm definitely interested on some of the new games coming for it. :)

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There is a headphone jack.


Centered under the touch screen.

I don't think anyone said there wasn't a headphone jack. We were noting that it didn't have a microphone jack next to it.

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Am I the only person here whose current impression is "meh"?

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J-Man wrote:Am I the only person here whose current impression is "meh"?

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I'll most likely be getting this as I have the original DS still and I never upgraded to the DS lite, or DSi. WPA/WPA2 support is huge for me as well, I only use these wireless encryption types and never use WEP, so I haven't played my DS online in quite some time, about 3 years. This will be a great upgrade.

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Imagine holding one point on the screen and tapping or sliding another point on the screen. Multi-touch opens up so many possibilities. I'm surprised at your strong reactions to my disappointment. The only reason I'd prefer single touch would be to have resistive instead of capacitive response.

Also, mic jack would just be extra convenient for online games and people that actually want to understand what others say. It's new hardware, a new generation. Absolutely no reason why Nintendo has to continue with their shitty online system beyond current system offerings.

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I would chalk up my disappointment to no one properly utilizing multitouch for the gaming world (yet). At least, to my knowledge. I'm sure there exists a game out there that does it and I just conveniently haven't seen it. I agree it would open up a realm of possibilities but it's nothing to get '=[' over!

I don't think anyone here bought the microphone that came out a few years back. I think hardly anyone bought it period. Perhaps they will up the quality for the on-board microphone but who knows. Now, will they listen to their fans and do away with friend codes? Time will tell...

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