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This place has been quiet lately. :(

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I'm in the middle of working 16 of 17 days. How are you guys doing?

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Monkey wrote:I'm in the middle of working 16 of 17 days. How are you guys doing?
Wow, so 16 out of 17 days are complete of a 17 day streak? Nicely done.

I've been keeping busy, but on top of everything so it feels great. I'm working on 2 games at the moment; Pokemon Pearl for DS, and Riven for PC (the sequel to Myst). I've been playing Riven with Drevin and we're plowing through it as much as we can. I think one more session or possibly 2 more sessions and we should have it done, but man it's hard. Anyone else played Myst or Riven?

After I finish those 2 games, I'm hopping into Assassin's Creed Syndicate, which is the last game on my goals list for this year.

I respond to on-call stuff every day. I never get a day off. :(

I adore Myst and Riven. I've beaten Myst; it's easy enough to do from memory once you've played through it once or twice. Riven... I keep getting stuck. I solved it once with guides, but I can't repeat it without.

I've been playing mostly Final Fantasy XIV, Pokemon Picross, and Picross 3D: Stage 2. I want to get the new Phoenix Wright game, but I should beat the last one first. Also, I want to get Ace Investigations 2. And preorder the new Pokemon. And maybe get Triforce Heroes. And probably get the new Paper Mario. And I should go beat more of Majora's Mask 3D, especially that I finally got a New 3DS. I'm gonna pass my trusty launch model down to my favorite sister along with a few of my duplicate games (Mario Land 3D, Mario Kart 7) so that it can continue getting love.

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I've been hooked on Persona 4 as far as gaming goes (and Riven). Work has been pretty steady... same ol' same ol'.

I own Persona 4 Gold, but just haven't been able to convince myself to sit down and play an RPG...

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Finished Riven last night Warp! I got Riven working on my MacBook Air. So unlike Myst, where Drevin and I worked on it at my house on my computer, we played Riven at his house and Airplay'd my Air's screen to Drevin's 55" TV and played from the couch. A better experience in my opinion for the type of game.

I've got Myst 3: Exile ready to go on my Air now too. WE CAN FINALLY FREE LOOK AROUND IN THIS ONE YAY! NO MORE SINGLE FRAMES! Nothing against the first 2 though, they were still fun. But this should be quite interesting. Feels great to finally have Riven done though.

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ive been going to class after work. hardly even go on the computer =[

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Riven had far more lore to it which was cool - but it was really obtuse with its puzzles. It expected quite a lot "reading in between the lines" and in some cases very big logic leaps - lead to a negative experience for me. Might be that I'm just too dumb for the game but we finished the first Myst with just the right amount of challenge, so in comparison Riven felt overall weaker.

Looking forward to free-aim in Exile though!

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Ray wrote:ive been going to class after work
What class?!

Yeah, I was utterly lost in Riven... I liked Exile, but I don't remember ever beating it.

Currently playing The Witness, which feels like Myst in some ways. It's neat.

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Warp2063 wrote:Currently playing The Witness, which feels like Myst in some ways. It's neat.
Interesting. See, I thought about playing The Witness, but I heard it was very much the same puzzle over and over again with not a lot of story, but a beautiful world. Is that accurate? What about it are you enjoying the most? I'm definitely wanting to play Obduction though (Cyan's spiritual Myst successor).

It is indeed a beautiful world. The puzzles are kind of repetitive, though, which is a bit disappointing, but at least it's fairly obvious that you're looking at a puzzle and not a neat bit of scenery, even though the solution may not be clear. It sucks me in in a weird way - I want to keep going and solving these puzzles. I don't feel like there's a place that I want to stop, even though I'm overwhelmed by being surrounded by puzzles.

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Work and school sucks

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salvamag wrote:Work and school sucks
That's a remarkable bummer :/ Any games in progress though?!

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