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Happy Birthday Devo! I can confirm, and AC can also now confirm, that 28 is safe to proceed to. It's been great for us so far. We had a good time this past evening and I'm talking to you now online but I've clearly gotta make a birthday thread for ya too.

Also, I was first to wish you happy birthday at 12:00 AM nbd.

Happy Birthday, Devo!
28 is a number.

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HBD. Have some fun, pal.

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Thanks guys! Had an awesome time this weekend, cheers to the 470 for organizing that one.

Got a lot of books to read now that's for sure!

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Hey dude sorry I didn't text ya on the official day I was off the grid quite literally, didn't see any cell towers out where we were. Anyway we should go campin there sometime.. HBBDB (the extra B is for belated and the other one ISN'T a typo what a tweest but for the 'bin in Devilbin okonlyoneortwopeepswillgetdat


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Happy birthday, Devo!

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Yo Dev, happy birthday to you on here WHILST texting you hbd lol (I'm so lame). Welp 29 is so far safe to proceed as 28 was so ride like the wind my friend!

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AC Dasher wrote:
May 7th, 2017, 3:34 pm
Welp 29 is so far safe to proceed as 28 was so ride like the wind my friend!
Confirmed. Testing has been performed by both AC and I and you're clear for entry. Happy birthday buddy! :D

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Excellent, marking task "Test age 29" as complete.

Thanks for the birthday wishes all :D

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