Holiday Haul 2015

For pretty much anything else.
So... I haven't seen one of these threads for this year yet. Figured I'd start one!

To date:

-Rainbow Dash vinyl figurine
-Twilight Sparkle Pez dispenser
-Two (2) packs of Nightmare Moon card sleeves
-Pink and purple (Twilight Sparkle colors) Dungeons & Dragons dice
-Brony t-shirt
-Used GeForce 660Ti graphics card
-Rain boots
-Firefly T-shirt
-Klingon T-shirt
-Amazon gift card

So... my landlady knows I like My Little Pony. Also, the gift of my friend's old graphics card has helped my computer immensely, especially after my old Radeon HD 4870 bit the dust.
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Shovel Knight (physical) from AC
Persona 4 Golden
Assassins Creed 4
Ghost in the Shell (never seen it)
Cowboy Bebop (never seen it)
Ace Attorney Dual Destinies art book
A new kettle (I can control temperatures!)

Physical version of Shovel Knight is so rad!

Ghost in the Shell movie, or series? I love the Stand Alone Complex And Arise. Also, Cowboy Bebop is awesome.

And I want to play AC:Pirate Shanties, too!

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  • New wallet (old was in sorry shape)
  • Beer
  • Gift Cards (Trader Joe's, a butcher shop and a homebrew store)
  • Chocolate
  • A few articles of clothIng, including a Star Wars T-Shirt
  • Chocolate
  • Cooking for Geeks
  • Some fishing stuff
I'm a boring adult now. I passed up an 80oz beer glass for a tiny cast iron skillet in a Yankee swap. I'll buy myself a PS4 game (recommendations?) to feel more like a kid.

Christmas was great though, got to see my brother, sisters and all the cousins on my mom's side all at once. Got drunk with my cousins and ate lots of good food. That's the worthwhile stuff.

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Some of my highlights this year:

•Mario Maker [Wii U]
•Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes [3DS]
•Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls [PC]
•Steam gift card (ended up buying everything I mentioned here, except RCT 3)
•Home-made tea-infused cookies using Tetley Strawberry tea, made by my sis. Really really good.
•Hearthstone "Well Played!" t-shirt and Heroes of the Storm figurine from Devo
Steve Jobs book
•Candy and assorted edible substances

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Simple year:

Guinness Book of World Records 2016
Undertale (PC)
Salt (from Peru)

Merry Christmas!

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Ray wrote:Guinness Book of World Records 2016

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Indiana Jones blu ray set
The Professional blu ray
Deer Hunter blu ray
Assassin's Creed Punk Rawk... I mean Black Flag from Devo
a big ol' Yoshi Amiibo
A Murakami book
some cash

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Ooo which Murakami book?

Edit: Ghost in the Shell movie Warp. Heard a lot about it, figure it's time to see it! Same with Cowboy Bebop.

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