Merry Christmas

For pretty much anything else.
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On the 22nd day of December the NC admins gave to me...

- A brand new theme!
- H! TTPS!!

- 4 plumbers plumbing
- 3 red shells
- 2 princesses in peril
- And a powerup in a tree

Merry Christmas to all! We've been hard at work making a little Christmas gift for all our members. Hope you like the new look and security, and all the best going into 2016!

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Looks great on mobile. Thanks for doing this all these years, dudes. Merry Christmas.

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Happy Christmas to all you hombres; this has been the only constant site I go to since those days back in high school (high holy hell has it been that long?). You guys all are real cool dudes. I like how you took the three red shells from the 12 Days of Bak'laag, Devo. Also I love the new theme to the Death Star and back.

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Heh that one was for you buddy :D

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Oh wow, how did I miss replying to this. Merry ...Christ..mas....heh....ehhh....

*quietly leaves*
Monkey wrote:Thanks for doing this all these years, dudes.
Our pleasure! Creating the theme was a blast, and I've been meaning to HTTPS the login page/user profile/registration pages for awhile now, and thought heck, let's just HTTPS the whole thing.

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