Quitting caffeine

For pretty much anything else.
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Ray wrote:don't drink decaf tea
Why? I love that stuff. What's wrong with it?

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it might be bad for you. all tea from the tea leaf (black, white, oolong, green) has caffeine in it naturally. the chemical processes used to remove it are not universally believed to be safe. better off just taking the natural caffeine.

decaf seems just as silly as diet soda

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Thought it might be worthwhile to post some results

I've been coffee-free for a few months and have escaped the dreaded headaches. I think my original topic title is misleading because I still drink tea (mostly black tea too), so I haven't quit caffeine entirely - but the amount in most teas doesn't seem to affect me as much as coffee, evidently.

I miss the morning coffees for sure... trying to stay away from something like decaf though

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Drevin wrote:trying to stay away from something like decaf though
How come? Cost? Or to avoid falling into the habit of drinking coffee in general?

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I thought I'd revisit this topic again - I've started drinking decaf coffee now for a month or two. No caffeine headaches or anything so I think I'm safe. I sorely missed the taste of coffee so this is a great compromise for me.

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Rrrright on!

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