Quitting caffeine

For pretty much anything else.
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I've been wracking my brain for the last few months trying to figure out what has been causing my... shall we say digestive issues. I feel like I've finally narrowed it down to caffeine, specifically from coffee. Besides coffee and the caffeine in black tea (which I'm pretty sure is significantly less), that's it. I don't drink energy drinks or anything like that. I usually have no more than a cup of coffee a day, very rarely two.

Most of the tea I drink is black tea, and I've found it to have little to no effect on me. That would leave the coffee, and from my initial 'testing', I think I've got it.

My caffeine addiction has unfortunately reached the levels of dependency: if I don't drink any coffee in the morning, I get splitting headaches for the rest of the day. That alone doesn't sound healthy, not to mention the other issues. I've decided to erase coffee from my diet.

I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience with caffeine? Did you quit entirely, or just cut it back?

I'm so sorry AC

I never got *on* the caffeine bandwagon, so I can't speak for it specifically, but...

With most routines I've successfully established, the key has been gradual increasing of whatever it was until I reached my goal, and then never letting myself relapse. Hiccups occur as life interferes, but I get to a point where I'm worried enough about the possibility of relapsing that I work extra-hard to keep on schedule. Exercise, diet, some other habits... I've followed the same general pattern for all of them.

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quit it like how they quit drugs on tv! embrace the splitting headaches in the first few days as withdrawal and then maybe the pain will reduce to standard addictive cravings w/o the pain after a few days

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HARUMPH Good sir


Jk jk also if you only have one or two cups o' joe a day I don't think you'll experience much withdrawl. I have like four on my two days off and upwards of 6 work days. If you guys need me I'll be shaking in the corner of NC's backrooms

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Yeah, I drank a bunch of Monster when I was 17 or 18. I just quit cold turkey. You get over the headaches fairly quickly.

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Day 4! I've given coffee up for now. The first day the headache was pretty bad - subsequent days have been very manageable. The real key has been replacing my morning coffee with something else. Nothing just feels weird to me

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keep it up!

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Good luck out there Devo! What have you been replacing it with? I'm guessing you've been replacing it with food and water? That could help your headaches and potentially give you some energy.

Indeed, good luck and keep going!

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Checking in a few weeks later - all is well, I think I've kicked the habit. No more headaches.

I've replaced my morning coffee with tea which does the trick for that "gotta drink something hot in the morning" craving.

Thanks for the encouragement guys :D

Glad you succeeded in your endeavour!

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Nicely done my friend! Especially stoked on the no headaches, that alone is hugely worth it.

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tea has caffeine

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Ray wrote:tea has caffeine
Not all tea though, and I find even tea with caffeine doesn't effect me nearly as much as coffee does.

I think the key thing with me is the same with Devo; I'll feel a bit off even if I have a higher caffeinated tea IF I haven't eaten something recently. If I'm eating as well, it's fine.

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don't drink decaf tea

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