Do you guys have smartphones?

For pretty much anything else.
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Now my power button is acting up. I'm thinking about "upgrading" to a dumbphone, a tablet and a GPS.

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if you can find a dumbphone with a good price for minutes+text please let me know. interested in paying $5/mo for unlimited text + 100-300 minutes

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Went with the dumbphone for months but never got the other equipment. Went back to a Galaxy s4 mini which is as close as you can get to the s2 I had before. It's funny that the s2 was a big phone when I got it and now I have to get something called "mini" to get something that's the same size.

I'm actually researching new phones and plans, too. My Moto G still works fairly well, but the 8GB of storage and the lack of a Micro SD slot means I'm constantly out of space for app updates. I'm using my phone more heavily than I used to, and the battery doesn't always make it through a day anymore. My plan with Republic Wireless was great for cheapness, but with it constantly trying to connect to WiFi, its supposed strength becomes its weakness - when transiting between free public WiFi and 3G-only areas, there can be major delays for texts and phone calls. It's even worse in areas where there are many free access points, such as in a mall (where I work). One other minor frustration is that many services won't recognize my phone as being a legitimate number, so I can't use it for two-factor authentication with them.

So, while I won't have as nice of a bill (<$15-25/month), $30-$35 without the current frustrations would be acceptable.

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I use Ting. Depending on how Sprint or T-Mobile coverage is in your area and how light you are on data, it could be a decent option.

I've been looking into T-Mobile, Platinum Tel, Boost, and a few others. I'd rather not have less than 1GB of data for a month - bus rides can be rather boring.

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