Do you guys have smartphones?

For pretty much anything else.
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iOS, Android, or other?

iphone here

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March 2008 to August 2008 - Palm Treo 750
August 2008 to January 2012 - iPhone 3G [8GB]
January 2012 to Present - iPhone 4s [16GB]

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I have a galaxy s2 with a broken USB port that's stuck on gingerbread.

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Hmm let's do this 470 style(e)
some year to some year - dumbphone
some year to another year - POS phone (according to the Rogers employee)
2013 to 2014 - Samsung Galaxy S4 (I think) (I'm soo not a phone guy)

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Currently an iPhone 5

iPhone 4
Samsung dumbphone II
Motorola RAZR
Samsung dumbphone

Monkey wrote:I have a galaxy s2 with a broken USB port that's stuck on gingerbread.
Heyyyy! I have a Sprint Epic 4G Touch (Sprint's variant on the S2) updated to Jelly Bean with a badly damaged USB port that I hope will hold on just a little longer until I can afford to replace it or at least have it repaired. At the moment, it'll only charge if the phone is lying face-down and I'm extremely particular about the angle at which the power cable is inserted and how much tension I'm putting on the cord. That didn't become my primary phone until October 2014, when I let my TracFone service lapse. Before then, I'd been using various TracFone feature or dumb phones since... I want to say 2007 or so? Perhaps 2006? I probably have four or five old TracFones lying around. None of them actually broke, although some began acting strangely before I replaced them. I just swapped them out now and then for newer models.

I also used a 64GB iPod touch 3g as a smart-supplement to my TracFones from about 2010-2014 until I got my Epic to replace it and its failing earphone port, dwindling battery life, and frustratingly outdated processor and OS. It's stuck back on iOS 5. I loved that thing and would still use it today if I could actually update it. I also got tired of carrying around a TracFone plus the iPod and really wanted to converge on a single device with more freedom than iOS - thus my jump to Android. (My current cellular service provider actually supports iPhones now, so I could theoretically go back to iOS... but I'm happy enough on Android at the moment. I like the Google ecosystem better than being locked into Apple's or Microsoft's.)

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I have an Epic 4G Touch as well. I've had it since 2011. My USB port is totally broken and I have to charge my battery on a standalone wall charger. Fortunately, I have two batteries and can just swap them out. I've replaced the headphone jack and would do the same for the USB port, but, annoyingly, it's soldered on and not modular. I've used AOKP and CyanogenMod firmware before, but had to switch back when I switched to Ting, due to there being some hidden menus for changing carrier settings that weren't in the custom firmwares. I picked gingerbread because it was the snappiest of all the official firmwares.

Since all the cool kids are doing it: I had an iPhone 3GS from 2009-2011.

I tried to put custom firmware on my phone and even succeeded once, but I needed to get at certain menus to activate with FreedomPop. Never managed to get a working non-stock ROM on there again.

I have deleted a bunch of the stock apps, though. That 2GB of system storage is worthless. For a 16GB phone with most of its space unusable to me...

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Sony Experia ZL, Android. I forget what I had before that. Except for my very first cell phone: Sanyo 2300. That thing was damn near unkillable. I must have dropped it on asphalt like 5 or 6 times.

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i just got a freedompop zforce or something like that, should arrive soon

Ray wrote:i just got a freedompop zforce or something like that, should arrive soon
The ZTE Force? I just looked it up. Better phone than I figured it'd be, but its limited storage may kill you (or drive you mad). The SD card slot only helps so much.

My Epic 4G Touch's charge port has gotten even worse, as predicted, and its battery life is too low for me to be able to use it. Even an external battery pack won't help - in a situation where I'd need it, the charge port is too fickle for me to be able to use it. As such, I'm jumping to another stop-gap phone - the first-gen Moto G through Republic Wireless. The plan I chose is a lot more than what I'm paying now, but I've heard much better things about their phone service than what I've experienced with FreedomPop, and I won't have to count my megabytes as closely. On top of that, with the Moto G, I should hopefully be able to make it through a day on a charge rather than not be able to make it through even an outing with friends.

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i'm getting it as a secondary phone actually. hoping it can give me coverage at convenient times or an extra phone number when i need it. it was only like 30 bucks and it should give me limited free voice and data indefinitely

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currently: iPhone 4s
Link470's iPhone 3G
Samsung POS
Samsung less POS
Samsung more POS

I am super-pleased with my new Moto G. From a full charge with very light usage, I'm now at about 50% charge - and I've been running for 2 days, 8 hours. Also, the phone is extremely responsive in comparison to my Galaxy SII or my tablet and the service seems really solid.

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I'll have to start keeping an eye out for a new phone. Things are annoyingly crashing all the time and I don't trust messing with anything since the USB port is busted and I can't reflash the firmware if I screw anything up. At least it still works as a phone.

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