Happy b-day Devo

For pretty much anything else.
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hbd! :ibs

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see ya Friday

Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday again my friend!

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Happy Birthday Devo! Hope you get some sweet Birthday swag. Also:


Bringing back a classic.

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thanks for the b-day wishes guys :D

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been a while since someone bumped this thread. how do i stay young too?

I dunno, people usually guess my age at about seven years younger than I actually am, so.

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I haven't even seen Devo since his birthday. The next time I see him, he's gonna be 30. But it's ok, because A, I was first to wish him a happy birthday, and B, I was first to wish him a happy birthday. But also because I've tested 30 already and it's safe for him to proceed.

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Happy birthday, Devo!

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Wow that Devin video...

Happy Birthday Devo!

But seriously wow that Devin video...

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