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The day that shall forever be known as "is it really your birthday because that one time we all said 'HB!' and you said 'wait guys it's not actually my bday sorry everyone'"

I know! That was such a dumb mistake! But now I have a birthday and an inverse birthday, which is pretty awesome. This is my real birthday, though.

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happy birthday 8)

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Happy Birthday.


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Oh that's just lazy Monkey. You didn't even put "Obligatory" before your webcomic. C'mon man, you're better than that.

Happy Birthday Warp! Post your birthday swag soon!

As of this moment... a bag of those peach-flavored gummy rings, some birthday cards, a coffee cake and a carrot cake. Unfortunately, my birthday fell at a rather busy time, so there weren't any real opportunities to go shopping. The current plan is to head to the store tomorrow where I'll get to pick out an Android tablet of some sort. I have an idea about which one I want, but I want to see the demo units at the store before I make my final decision.

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Happy Birthday Warp!! Sorry I'm 2 days late...

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Feel bad for missing this. Hope it was all good Warpman! Happiest of birthdays!

Warp forgives the late birthday-wishers. =P

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Warp2063 wrote:Warp forgives the late birthday-wishers. =P

Changed my mind about getting an Android tablet. It would be neat, but expensive... and it would be just one more thing I'd have to carry around/protect/maintain at school. Also, it wouldn't really fulfill any purpose that one of my other devices doesn't already fulfill. Instead, I got mostly movies.

- Castle in the Sky (Blu-Ray/DVD combo)
- Whisper of the Heart (Blu-Ray/DVD combo)
- Robocop (Blu-Ray)
- Serenity (Blu-Ray)
- Tron Legacy (Blu-Ray)
- Pikmin 2 (Wii)

During Monday night bowling, one of my friends handed me a hot pink bag with multicolored ribbons attached to it... with several My Little Pony figurines inside.All mane characters.That made for an interesting few minutes. =P

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I like the "mane characters" pun.

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You... you're one of them?!

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Monkey wrote:I like the "mane characters" pun.
Me too.

Drevin wrote:You... you're one of them?!

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