I basically just found the Ark of the Covenant

For pretty much anything else.
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So I was screwing around on my dad's old Dell for the hell of it. I still had an account, so I log in. The first thing that I notice is that the stupid Vista widgets decided to re-enable themselves sometime over the past 5 years. There was a clock and a picture of a koala bear. As I was waiting for all the start up programs, something amazing happened. Before my eyes, the koala morphed into the single most important piece of NC history; the most sought after image in our corner of the internet.


I'm still amazed.


Especially because I was watching an Elite Beat Agent video last night... =P

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God Bless you, Monkey. This has made my year. I can now die happy.

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Did anyone happen to save this??? Apparently my photobucket account no longer exsists. I need to see it every few years. I'm not sure of how I'll handle the remainder of my life without it.

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Wait, is this the one of like, Devo making a fist pump at the air with some Japanese anime beams of light in the background? If so, I can totally picture it, but I don't have the image :(

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