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I figure by now if you've been on the internet for a bit, you've heard of Undertale. Probably sick of hearing about it too right?

I guess I'm here to say this game is getting all that attention for a good reason. I recently beat the game (takes about 6-7 hours) and found myself dumbfounded, blindsided, confused, happy... a complete muddle of emotions. The game is good, real good. Normally I'd want to tell you all about it... but... this game is kinda special!! Even talking about something as simple as how the game works might be giving too much away. Then again, I feel the game was developed with you knowing about all it's... quirks and it plays around that. The developer knew that you knew that he knew you'd know, you know?

The game likes to play with your expectations in a multiple ways. It does this in a way that it knows you're expecting it. It's pretty meta. It's often compared to EarthBound and that's a fair comparison. I really want to get into some examples but... I feel it would completely cheapen the experience you'd have. I want everyone to experience it like I did!

I don't normally tell people to buy a game on blind faith, and instead try to explain why the game is good but... I think here I'd just have to say trust me on this one.

You're blue now.

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it was fun. i recommend it

I have mixed feelings about Undertale. I haven't finished it yet. I've had points where I didn't like what had happened, but it was either, "oh, you got me, game," or "I worked so hard on that... but I'm not even mad." I've been creeped out at some points, and utterly annoyed by others.

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I think that's the best part about the game... it really toys with your emotions in fascinating ways... and it only gets deeper (lol underground joke)

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I like all I've seen on this one, it gets pretty twisted and that and breaks the fourth wall of course. The combat is the only thing where I'm like I don't know if that's the best system but everyone I've watched save for one person likes it/praises the combat. I haven't played it as I don't have Steam/ or PC game but yeah if I did this would be the first game I check out.I like the music too.

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