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Anyone here played any Persona games?

I just started Persona 3 (PSP version) a few weeks ago. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought. It's pretty quirky. A Persona is a representation of your psyche or inner self (something like that) which you can manifest with an Evoker. In Persona 3 it looks like a gun, so to use it you shoot yourself in the head. It looks really whacky but I like it for being pretty off-the-wall.

In 3 you're trying to fight the Shadow menace which is causing Apathy Syndrome. Shadows only appear during the Dark Hour, which is between midnight and 1AM. Almost everyone turns into a coffin during this time and has no idea what happens during the Dark Hour. Some people are gifted and won't turn into a coffin (so of course that's you the main character), and you can fight the Shadows.

I guess you could describe it as an RPG dungeon crawler mixed in with a dating sim? The dating sim part is more for building relationships which power up your Personas, and the relationships are not just romantic. Some people might not enjoy that part of the game I imagine.

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The latest Persona is lookin' good!

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I'm in the middle of Persona 3 (PS2) and probably will be for life.

Just think, I have 31 hrs of game time log (much more in earth hours because of how much I've died), and am on ~floor 100 of tartarus.

The BOX has a picture of them on floor 160.

Excellent game (battles are like pokemon on crack, and I really enjoy the dating sim parts in between), no end in sight.

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Oh man, Devo's had a lot of fun with the Persona games this past year. He clocked a LOT of hours on those games, so I can understand why you're liking it! I was in the room a few times when he was playing and one thing I gotta say is the music seems great.

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Yeah - Persona 3 can feel like a grind about mid-way through. I remember feeling the same way. The games are definitely long, but doable! Despite that, I really enjoyed them. Hopefully whenever Persona 3 is wrapped up you'll give Persona 4 a try! I think P4 does away with the slog, the pacing is definitely better there.

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That's refreshing to hear, I was always under the impression that P4 was the best one, but wanted to try P3 first.

The music is hilarious and great. oh baby.......nah-nah-nah-da-da-dum.

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P3's music is killer. Some of the best battle themes for sure!

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burn my bread

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