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Played Arkham Horror last night. Seriously, some games should be digital.

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I love Arkham Horror, usually when I play I encourage the other players to do some lite roleplaying, love the HP Lovecraft universe. A companion app would be killer though, there is a ton of setup for that game. I think my record for setup is 30 mins (not including rule explanation).

I've won the game I think a total of 2 times out of I want to say more than a dozen playthroughs. I've tried it solo before, but it's definitely better with friends.

There is a lighter version of it called Eldritch Horror, but the games take just as long usually. There are just fewer rules and complications.

I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time this weekend. What an awful (ly fun) game. I want to play it again soon

I remember one particularly funny one, the black card was "How did I lose my virginity?" and the winner was "Stephen Hawking talking dirty."

and something about fiery poops

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