Happy 15th, Dreamcast!

For the rest of the gaming world.
Today, I'm going to play some Sonic Adventure and some Power Stone. Maybe some other stuff. My Dreamcast is actually right next to me.

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Man, I never actually owned one of these, but my super-rich er... 'friend' who lived in the same complex is me had one. The guy was kinda a jerk, but man did we use him for the Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure, Power Stone, that Seaman game, Crazy Taxi... I think he even had Jet Set Radio! He had a lot of games from what I remember. Good times!

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You just mentioned two of my favourite games of all time, Warp! Yaaaa Power Stone 2 was pretty incredible too, though I never knew anyone that owned that one.

I didn't own a Dreamcast when it was current, but the local YMCA had one (until it was stolen due to being left unwatched) and I had a rich friend who owned one. I bought one eight to nine years later, and one of my brothers gave me a broken one he got somewhere that I fixed up. I believe I own both Power Stone 2 and Jet Set Radio. I'd have to go back down to the basement to check, though, and I've been down there for a lot of today, inhaling dust and mold while sorting, organizing, and cleaning.

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I've always wanted to play a Jet Set game - I like the style for one - but somehow never have. I never had a 'cast either but, like you guys, a rich friend (or friend of a friend) we knew at the time had one pre-living over here in Vic and knowing Scott and Devo, this was back when I lived in Up-Along, BC. ANYWAY, yeah always the rich friend and sort of like Dev's, erm, 'friend', this guy we knew was pretty unlikable but we wanted to play Crazy Taxi and I think he had the first Power Stone and so we put up with some of his horseshit for that and also to borrow his video cam because my friend Mike and I had wild imaginations and made home movies that we wrote up and filmed with a less obnoxious guy Rob who eventually went emo and fell out of favour. But I digress! I'm tired! HBDC

I did actually check one of those days - I do own Jet Set Radio and Power Stone 2. I own maybe twenty Dreamcast games that I've slowly acquired over the years. Not actually owning one then, I only knew some of the games I should be looking for.

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