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Sunset Overdrive - hilarious, but questionable gameplay. must try / see reviews
Halo Guardians - all halo multiplayer modes ever... wow
Dragon Age: Inquisition - looks really good
The Division (demo was painfully scripted, even more than last time)

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Ray wrote:Halo Guardians - all halo multiplayer modes ever... wow
This one looked pretty good actually. The enhancements of the original stages in 2 [for example] looked well polished too. I remember playing Halo 2 with friends late into the night several times.

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I don't even care about Sony or Microsoft any more. Well, the latter I gave up 6 years ago.

All that matters now is Star Fox and Zelda 2015 (and still Smash 4*) though I'm sort of bummed no F-Zero but should I be surprised.

*it feels like it's been so long waiting for that game that it's come out already, had it's six months of being a mainstay go-to deal and now it's parishing on the shelves. AND IT'S NOT EVEN OUT YET.

I'm just thinking aloud, I'm still very excited for it. And, yes Devo, must book the 10th off for 3DS version shenanigans.

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Besides what I already knew I wanted, Sony had nothing for me.

I didn't bother with MS.

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