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If anyone still uses their PS3, or if you have a vita and aren't telling me, there's a big Flash sale goin' down this Easter weekend. Lots of great games for .99; the Crash series, Spyro trilogy, Gex: Enter the Gecko, Braid, a Stuntman game, Super Stardust HD *kinda like Geometry Wars) and a game I've always wanted to try - Retro City Rampage. And more! Chhhhheck it.

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AC Dasher wrote:Gex: Enter the Gecko
This. I need to go play that on my N64 right now. Never finished it.
AC Dasher wrote:Super Stardust HD
This was one of the 2 free games I chose back in 2011 when Sony had their data leak and apologized and let everyone download 2 virtual titles. Not a bad game.

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Nice choice, for some reason I didn't have my PS3 for the week or two the free games were available, but I played it at a friend's house and it has that dual-analog/Geometry Wars shmup arcade action I almost always enjoy in games, solid game!

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Gex has not aged well. I bought it a few years back in a bargain bin at VV or something... anyway. Still, for 99c I'm tempted. Hopefully I can play some of these games on the PS4?
link470 wrote:This. I need to go play that on my N64 right now. Never finished it.
nah, you don't. Just watch some youtube vids and you're good.

My PS3 won't be touched for probably another month at least.

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I rented Gex when I was a kid and didn't like it then. I might as well get Retro City Rampage, I've always wanted to try that too. Sony E-mails me every quarter saying that I have $.72 or something in my wallet.

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I bought Gex. Honestly, it's not that terrible, and the PS1 version is superior to the N64 in almost every way. The only issue is that Gex on PS1 seems to have no way to enable analog control. In that era of gaming, kind of a big downer.

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Never mind. I'd have to pay $5 in order to get the $.27 that I need.

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I ended up getting CTR: Crash Team Racing, Crash Bandicoot, Crash Commando (which, oddly enough is not a Crash Bandicoot game), Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage and Retro City Rampage. Only played CTR so far and beat it without losing a single race, I guess my skills are still there, but other than customizable multiplayer battle mode, Mario Kart trumps this game. Excited to try Crash Commando and Retro City Rampage!

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