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I got 13 years of PSN+ today cuz of the sale.

I realized afterward it's gonna be kinda hard to resell the ones that don't come as the plastic cards. I have four that are just codes, so if anyone wants one I'll sell you one for 29.99 which is what I paid. I have two right now, still waiting on gamestop to email me the other two.

I'll consider it, but I haven't had my PS3 hooked up for about a year and a half, and my PSP is dead every time I finally feel like using it. I have very few plans for getting a Vita or PS4 (although the Playstation TV Vita-y thing is mildly tempting, whenever it comes out). My PS3 probably won't be hooked up again until after I graduate in the spring, unless I feel like hooking it up over Christmas break for some reason (most likely to watch Blu-Rays).

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If these don't expire and are good on the PS4 as well I'll buy one

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Well, maybe it'll be easier to sell the digital codes than to mail the cards. I'll be able to sell via neogaf and craigslist instead of letting amazon take 15% plus fba fees. I'll test the waters before shipping them to amazon. I'll keep the original offer up for you guys as long as you just want it for yourselves, not to resell :lol

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