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I'm not really excited for any games besides this and Smash Bros, but even smash I'm waiting on confirmation that the online play won't suck like brawl's.

Anyway, I'm totally on board for Destiny and I think I'd like it on the ps4. It was supposed to come out on PC originally, wasn't it? It isn't now.

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it isn't? wtf bungie

ps4 now I guess...

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I got into the alpha. Some early impressions:

- looks and feels really good for an "alpha". music is great.
- basically halo on Playstation. not a bad thing, it's what I was expecting
- lots of cool mmo stuff. the co-op is what GTA5 should have been. you roam around and people will drop-in and drop-out seamlessly as you continue to play. keep in mind it's PvE only, so no griefing. you can opt to go solo if that's your style. you can also form fireteams so that you'll always be with others if that's your style. reminds me of my WoW days (forming groups or questing solo basically).
- loot is the name of the game here. very borderlands/diablo in that sense. each class gets a class-specific item, hunters get cloaks (the best imo).
- the Explore mode lets you roam around the map freely and gives you constant quests. they do feel a bit repetitive/same-y after a while. enemies respawn in the same area after x amount of time. seems to be like a traditional MMO world in that regard
- Strike missions are more focused with boss fights and stuff
- besides the story, i think the main reason for playing is getting better loot. kinda like an fps diablo I guess?
- some enemies have way too much HP I feel. feels a bit bullet-spongy.
- there is PvP but I haven't tried it yet. I think you can bring everything you have and aren't restricted. assuming there must be some matchmaking so people with ridic gear get matched appropriately

probably more to come as I play it some more

You have a PS4? I'd kind of like one. This game sounds a little intriguing.

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Yep, got one for MGS.

As for Destiny, I was initially pretty dismissive seeing the intial trailers and such -- it looked pretty boring. Getting my hands on it though, preorder has been uncancelled. It's too bad it's coming out a month before Smash, though.

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okay crucible impressions:

- yep it's halo
- you get to keep your guns and armor and stuff
- supers are available, and damn it's satisfying
- wtf people love shotties (i think it's 1 hit kill?), annoying but i'm sure ppl will figure out how to deal with it sooner or later (or they get nerfed in pvp lol)
- no weapons or anything on the maps, just whats on your character
- maps seem pretty good, but there's only 1 mode atm
- you get rewards and xp like in singleplayer, so ppl who love pvp are just fine for progression. you get crucible-only currency too, which lets you pick up rewards from the crucible shops in the hub area
- some hate has been thrown around for the announcer, i am indifferent atm

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and here are some videos of me playing (warning: top level play)

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I think they are gonna do things similar to how WoW does PvP: there is exclusive gear that you can only get from PvP and certain gear is just better for PvP rather than PvE. so dedicated PvPers won't be forced to play PvE for their gear (but it's always an option). good stuff

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