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edit: nevermind, I'm not going, because 3-day passes are going for $250 on ebay and I need that money. Also, it kind of sucked last year.

Yeah, I only went the first year. I enjoyed a few of the events (Anamanaguchi and somewhat drunk Scott Kurtz being the most memorable), but as there wasn't enough capacity for most of the events I wanted to go to, most of the time I ended up just wandering around, looking at things. I do that already on the internet, and I don't have to compete with a crowd to do it.

I wouldn't be opposed to going again, but the timing has never been good, nor have my finances. Plus I'd get the rest of those StreetPass puzzle tiles I'm missing.

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not going either

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To be clear, I wasn't considering buying a ticket for $250. I'm totally scalping mine. edit: Someone actually bought it for $250.

I don't know why I even bought it. Last year was only bearable on the Sunday (Easter). All the good panels were full no matter how early I checked (up to three hours). They had caps on the lines for the games so if you were interested in something you had to wonder around until you were lucky enough to get a space at the end of the line. The only big(ish) game I played was Lollypop Chainsaw. In contrast to sitting down and playing DS in line of previous years, we had some douchy guy from WB telling everyone to get closer together.

In general, the crowd wasn't as cool, probably because they were sick of everything too.

Maybe I'd go down to Boston for a day if someone I knew was going. It's more fun being in Boston with nerds everywhere than it is going to the actual event.

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