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Ah, I couldn't remember if I'd played that game on PS3 or not.

As for downloading them for now... well, I can only hope they'll still be available for download during Christmas break. As I don't have my PS3 here, and the MediaGO PC application doesn't let me tag PS3 software for later download... I won't be able to do anything until then.

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You know that the 3DS has sold 47 times the amount as the Vita in Japan. Uhm, ouch?


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Eh, Sony will catch up.
The biggest reason behind that is Monster Hunter 3DS, which is ridiculously popular over there.
Once the Vita gets hold of a MH game it'll even out.

It probably will, theyll usually keep the big titles like Gravity Rush,Wipeout and Uncharted available for a while and cycle out the smaller ones with new PSN and PSP games.

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