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Drevin wrote:Link470's Minecraft Server

This Minecraft server uses a whitelist. What this means is that you won't be able to connect unless you're on the list. Think of it as a "members only" club. This is primarily to combat griefers.

Right now the server is currently being tested, so the whitelist is small. It'll grow as soon as the server itself is figured out, and after everything is all configured properly.

Current Whitelist
link470 (link470)
TehBeck (Beck183)
FacelessEyes (Drevin)
Sepultado (Ray)
JonRobot (Monkey)
Puxel (Puxel)

- Respect people's creations. If you want to build somewhere and somebody has already built their house/fort/whatever there, find another spot.
- Don't /give yourself rare materials. Mine for it like the miner you are!
- Feel free to take materials from the Warehouse, but it'd be nice if you'd ask first!

Find a flat of land and establish your house/base/fort! If you feel like it, contribute any excess crafting materials and such to the Warehouse. You'll find it in the big, stone castle next to the spawn area. Can't miss it.
scott says the server is up!

what do you guys think about starting a new world? there are supposedly a lot of new features since we created our world!

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We actually started a new world a while back but kept the Temple we made. My hope is that new stuff will continue to appear as we explore!

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oh yeah i remember. cool

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oh man, we just had an epic boss battle with the whither boss

day 1: exploring the nether, gathering resources
day 2: the summoning

We each started out with full iron armor (link470, facelesseyes, and sepultado), one bow, 100 arrows, a sword, and probably some food.

We're in the Temple of Time and think "this looks like an awesome arena for a boss battle". From the wiki I had learned that it's like a floating thing that you summon with 3 wither skulls and 4 soul sand. It'll appear anywhere we build the shrine. Luckily for us though, Scott and Devo determined it would be too risky to have a battle in such a fragile place...

I suggested we handle this in the great plains that my tower overlooks. But to get there, we had to go through the nether base... Unfortunately, my portal is not connected to the nether base. It's a ways out... and the Pigmen are PISSED. Apparently when we were collecting the final skulls earlier, I smacked one off the nether fortress and it told everyone about what I did. Funnily, the remaining pigmen up there had no idea.

As you know, going through the portal takes a few seconds. And my portal is in a little valley like this

#% #
#% #
#% #
#% #
#% #

So you need to drop down into a really narrow passage easily accessible by pigmen et al.

Option 1: Kill the pigmen
Option 2: I run around like crazy and distract them all so that link470 and facelesseyes can get through, then I teleport to them.

Naturally we chose the second option.

Now we're at my base and my free range pigs are doing fine. My fenced in cows are having a blast, and there's plenty of space to roam. We run for a few chunks like Goku distracting Napa and Vegeta from civilization.

Once we find a good spot, our first thought is to take a selfie. Our second thought is to build some dugouts for retreat in case things go wrong. We dig two quick tunnels so that if we get chased, we can run in, munch on some watermelon and potatoes, and run out safely through the other side... hahahaha

We summon the beast and it immediately explodes and destroys one of our tunnels. The fucker flies into the sky and runs away from us, apparently attacking all the sheep and pigs and just blowing shit up. WTF!!!

end of part 1

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The aforementioned selfie:

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I'm freaking out because i'm thinking he's gonna go after my steaks cattle. But we're still pretty hyped up to kill this guy. The three of us give chase, firing arrows every now and then. His pink health bar appears up top but we're all moving too fast to notice how much damage we're doing.

Eventually we catch up and we're on top of some trees and we're all firing away. Pew pew pew! Just like that, me scott and devo, pew pew pew! And he's at maybe 75% health and we're like "fuck yeah".

Then it kills scott.

WTF! this thing drops bombs and they fuckin' hurt!

We look at its health bar and it seems really high. We begin our retreat and I think scott teleports to reclaim his shit (don't think he got it back). Now we're running for our lives and this Wither Boss is assaulting us BOOM BOOM BOOM and our arrows feel weak as shit. I think it killed scott again. I have no freaking idea where devo is, but I know I'm alive, I've got at least 70 arrows and all my armor. Run.

What happens next is mostly a blur, but I remember we somehow all ended up inside the tattered remains of the second dugout we made at the beginning. We finally have a moment to breathe and hit our mumble push to talk buttons. We're looking at each other and notice he has full health. We're starting to imagine life as underground people. Subterraneans. Our weapons are ineffective (or gone), our armor is torn up, and we're running out of food. It was looking like this would be a new era for the minecraft server, the age when we're forced to live below ground. For now, the surface is his and there's nothing we can do about it.

end of part 2

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Man, this is fantastic. If this doesn't make AC Dasher want to ditch his plans with his other friend for tonight and come over and hop into Minecraft with us, I don't know what will! Looking forward to part 3.

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Looking around, there are probably 4-7 safe tiles on which we can stand. We're doomed. Pathetically we dream of stronger weapons, better armor, but we know that wouldn't save us from this beast. Someone even mentions something about rolling back the server and we quickly dismiss that heinous idea.

We recover a bit and run outside in all different directions. With no more success than the first time, we hit 'em with a few arrows and return to our little tunnel. Maybe we do that a couple times. I don't know. But it's not working at all -- he regenerates health faster than we harm him.

Eventually I find myself in that little tunnel alone, I think Scott is crying in the temple, and devo is probably just afar, laughing at me pinned down beneath a few sad blocks. Peeking my head out, I take a couple cheap shots at him. I even manage to hit him without him hitting me. Turns out, his bombs don't break stone!! This breakthrough (OR LACK THEREOF, AM I RIGHT?!!?!?!?!?) gives us hope. If we can make some archer-friendly ceiling windows (maybe out of sideways stone slabs?), we can set up a system in which we can hit him, but he can't hit us! It'll be trivial to destroy him! We've figured it out!

Or so we thought

end of part 3

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This story has gone on too long, so the rest goes like this:

We decided to try to trap him underground. I make a few laps with him still trained on me, trying to enter a nearby cave as scott and devo widen the opening to let him in. Horrifyingly, we find out he can push through blocks and just destroy anything, stone included. Eventually we get him down there and it's pretty tight. After struggling a bit, we switch to sword attacks and begin a relay of kamikaze onslaughts. Once we push him deep enough, our DPS is easily outpacing his regen, so we keep our cycle of attack, respawn, releport, going until he dies.


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