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Hey guys,
not allot of you know who I am, I was link 470s roommate and ongoing best friend for a long time now, Drevin, Link470 and I have started up a minecraft server if your interested in joining up post your name here and well add you to the white-list if you grief the server we will kick you but im doubt full there is anyone in the community here that would do that... i just built a lighthouse!


DrevinEdit: Server details are below!

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Link470's Minecraft Server

This Minecraft server uses a whitelist. What this means is that you won't be able to connect unless you're on the list. Think of it as a "members only" club. This is primarily to combat griefers.

Right now the server is currently being tested, so the whitelist is small. It'll grow as soon as the server itself is figured out, and after everything is all configured properly.

Current Whitelist
link470 (link470)
TehBeck (Beck183)
FacelessEyes (Drevin)
Sepultado (Ray)
JonRobot (Monkey)
Puxel (Puxel)

- Respect people's creations. If you want to build somewhere and somebody has already built their house/fort/whatever there, find another spot.
- Don't /give yourself rare materials. Mine for it like the miner you are!
- Feel free to take materials from the Warehouse, but it'd be nice if you'd ask first!

Find a flat of land and establish your house/base/fort! If you feel like it, contribute any excess crafting materials and such to the Warehouse. You'll find it in the big, stone castle next to the spawn area. Can't miss it.

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As Beck said, the server uses a whitelist to prevent unauthorized users from connecting and to control who has access. We're staying small for now, as I'm not sure how this is going to go for server performance and what the load is going to be like. The game is still in heavy beta and changes with each version are likely to shift performance. At the moment with the present version of 1.3_01 we're noticing that Mac clients seem to connect with no problem, and PC clients are lagging considerably. Not quite sure why this is, but the game is also not yet set in stone and there's some blocks to be filled as of yet [lol get i- nevermind].

sorry drevini looked for a minecraft oriented forum and didn't find it and it wasn't to bad with 4 people last night, i was having map render issues tho... if i could go back i would go mac.... ko made me by this laptop.../tear

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I just hope you guys won't give yourself diamonds now... get 'em the real way!

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I only gave myself some glass and coal that I lost during a retarded lag spike.

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Found a dungeon. I made off with a pig saddle. I only emptied one chest because it's too laggy to fight and I had to run off. Going back for the other now...


Didn't realize it was one time use, but it was worth it. good thing there were two

I give up. There's still some stuff left (I think its only a loaf of bread and some string though)

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I can't believe I just paid 21$ for a videogame.

PS: white list me

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Puxel wrote:I can't believe I just paid for a videogame.
Holy shit guys, 2012 is coming a lot quicker than I thought.

Someone explain to me how awesome Minecraft is so I'm less tempted to buy it and I just end up actually buying it. I'm still on the fence at this point. I have the money, I just don't know whether or not I'd enjoy it because I don't know what type of game it is.

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Last night I was all excited about riding a pig. You should stay away.

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I got minecraft about two weeks ago and then played it for about two days straight. It would be cool to play with you guys once in a while. My username is karrtmomil

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If you were lagging like crazy last night it was because of a memory leak. I think everything will be back to normal soon (sometime today).

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That's good to know. I got it running under linux and the lag was just as bad as on windows. I'll try Linux again tonight.

i only cheated because im building actual accomplishments in minecraft... like the giant sand castle that puts me on hour 9 and its only got one tower done.... its 22 meters high and the roof makes it 30 if you guys want me to kill the sand off of ever island within the nearest hour walking distance i can but im trying to be fair... btw anyone wana help me build that thing its really retarded big...

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