Sonic 4 Ep.1 Dated: Oct 11

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You haven't even played (or paid for) the other 2/3 of the game anyway.

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if you plan on buying the rest you will, it's 45$.

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I ended up getting it because XBLA had a deal where you get 800 free points if you spent 2400 in October. I wasn't planning on it, but somehow I wasn't charged for Limbo, so I got Sonic 4, too. I'm pretty disappointed so far. I quit after I reached 30 lives in the second zone. The physics feel really (really, really) weird to me, but I guess it's forgivable if there's some good level design in this game (first two zones are inferior rehashes... I hope this isn't a pattern).

Also, Eggman? What the fuck, Sega?

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Monkey wrote:(first two zones are inferior rehashes... I hope this isn't a pattern).

Also, Eggman? What the fuck, Sega?
There isn't a pattern really. The other levels feel quite different, especially the last two, though the bosses are definitely rehashes.

Also, it's a name dude. What's it matter?

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I just hate it when things I liked as a kid get George Lucas-ed.

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Attention: This game is absolute shit.

-Barely responsive controls
-Retarded Graphics
-Stupid animations
-Unpredictable velocity changes
-Equally unpredictable running form changes
-Sonic is not fast
-Moon gravity
-Unfinished sound effects library
-Everything is big and stupid
-Levels are just remakes of old levels
-No boss music
-Reused boss(es?)
-3 Stages before a boss
-Meaningless Overworld
-No difficulty
-No plot
-Homing attack contributes to moon gravity / floatiness
-Vine swinging mechanics terrible
-Music is as rehashed as the levels
-Field of vision so narrow that even if the levels were cool they'd be impossible to see

This is the worst sonic game I've ever played, and I've played the werewolf one.

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I liked Unleashed (a.k.a. the werewolf one) but this is as bad 06. But I do agree with Ray and because I'm a stickler for punishment I have Ep. 1 (which is by far the worse of the two, Ep 2 is actually decent 6 out of 10 material) twice. I got it for a pretty good deal the second time, I just wanted the extra shit for Ep 2 like I think Metal Sonic was an extra. Yeah the physics are what make or break (helloooo Labyrinth) a Sonic game and Ep 1 has the worst physics of any Sonic game, 2D or 3D, no lies. The music in even the worst Sonic games (06, Secret Rings) is good, but it's so forgettable here. To add to "everything is big and stupid", everything is glossy and fake looking and... shiny, which is odd, I liked how everything looked natural in the forest/beach/jungle type levels in Sonic games, but here things look so shiny and kiddy.

Not sure why we're still talking about this shite game now that I've said all that.

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It sucks. I never played it again after I posted my first impressions.

What I've played of Sonic Dimensions was OK, but I've pretty much given up on the franchise.

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I got a sonic pack on steam in september as a gift, finally decided to play something on it. Unfortunately I chose Sonic 4. Perhaps I'll try Ep 2, but my bad-sonic-cooldown-timer still isn't ready yet. I feel like the sonic team got so tired of being told to make something good like the original games that they intentionally made this game terrible so that it would finally crush the demand for a good sonic game.

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Haha I never thought of it that way! That's an interesting thought actually.

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And thus the cycle repeats.

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Heh heheheh... D'OH!

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Wait are we still talking about Sonic 4? Why?

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I have no idea. I'd rather talk about Colors or Generations, but meh..

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We could talk about nothing instead. That's always an option around here.

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