Sonic 4 Ep.1 Dated: Oct 11

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I still think they'll fuck it up somehow.

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I'd play Sonic and Knuckles if there were some way to play Sonic 3 and Knuckles on one system. I can't seem to find it.

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You can unlock it somehow on the Gamecube compilation somehow.

Afrohawk52 wrote:I'd play Sonic and Knuckles if there were some way to play Sonic 3 and Knuckles on one system. I can't seem to find it.
The Genesis?

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Believe it or not, I have the Genesis on me, but I only have Sonic 3, not Sonic and Knuckles. :(

Sonic and Knuckles is pretty cheap on eBay... at least it was the last time I checked. I almost got a second.

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I have two copies. I sold some of my duplicate genesis games, but didn't bother listing any Sonic games. They're all very cheap.

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Already finished it on a emulator. Thank GOD I decided to get an emulator too. Those special stages for the Super Emeralds are ridiculous. Once you get the pattern it's not too bad, but the large Rings to get the stages are pretty scarce in Sonic and Knuckles, so I made sure to use save states so I wouldn't have to keep finding them.

For the record, though, I didn't use them in game or to save during the special stage, just before each special stage so I wouldn't have to find rings again. And the only reason I did that was because resetting does not reset the special stage rings, so I would've had to find them somewhere else in order to get the emerald, which is easy in Sonic 3 but very difficult in Sonic and Knuckles.

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Monkey wrote:The fact that it is episodic and that they stated that there'd be a "new story arc" make me worried that they'll focus too much on the story that no one cares about.
The episodic part of the whole thing worries me as well; I believe this should have been a disc release, like NSMBWii. Downloadable games usually aren't taken as seriously, and if SEGA really intends to reboot their image, then they're missing a chance to leave a mark. As downloadble episodes, it doesn't matter how good the game is: it'll be doomed to be a footnote in Sonic history.

As for the story, I'm not fretting about that. Just consider how much story there is in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. After defeating Dr. Robotnik (I really hope they retcon the whole Eggman thing) and recovering the Choas Emeralds, he lands on Angel Island, where Knuckles takes the Emeralds away from him. Sonic gives chase, discovering that Robotnik beat him to the island, and that Knuckles is working with his nemesis to hinder his progress at every corner. Sonic finds the Emeralds that Knuckles hid and makes it to the Launch Base Zone, where he learnes that a new Death Egg is being built and will soon take off. He manages to prevent the launch at the last moment, and the doomsday machine crash lands on a volcano.
Sonic lands in Mushroom Hill and has to find the Death Egg in order to destroy it. Soon upon landing, he sees Knuckles hide gateways to more Emeralds - the Super Emeralds, which power up the Master Emerald. So Sonic restores the latter to its full power, but as he does battle with Knuckles in the Hidden Palace, Robotnik takes the opportunity to steal it. Knuckles, learning of Robotnik's true intentions, helps Sonic catch up to the villain through the Sky Sanctuary. From there, Sonic boards the Death Egg, finds Robotnik, chases him throughout space as Hyper Sonic, and defeats him for the last time. The Master Emerald is recovered and Angel Island returns to the sky.

So, yeah. It's about imagination for the most part. If Mario can constantly save the princess, I don't see why Sonic Team has to include some convoluted story. They should do like in old days and leave most of the story development to our imagination.

Boy, that sure was longer than I expected.

Oh, and they need to fix that "running" animation. It looks like he's just walking at a brisk pace, rather than running.

They should release it on the Genesis. Just sayin'.

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hmm just looks like a sonic advanced game i 3d to be honest after seeing first gameplay footage. I honestly don't know if i'll be snaging this one online, with perfect dark and megaman 10 coming march, sonic will have to wait.

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nypad5 wrote:hmm just looks like a sonic advanced game i 3d to be honest after seeing first gameplay footage.
^ This.


Oh, and Sonic and Knuckles is finally on the VC.

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Sweet! Dimps is making this, which means Sonicteam can't ruin it.

Dimps made the GBA games, which were decent enough. ... 3948.phtml

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I believe that they did all the GBA games under the Sonicteam name.

It looks like 1up took down the screenshots and video. I may have to look for them later.

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