Sonic 4 Ep.1 Dated: Oct 11

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That's played out around here. Or maybe I'm thinking about when nothing is said.

No, talking about Sonic > talking about no good Sonic > talking about nothing > when this place ain't happenin'

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i downloaded generations, i will have a go at it soon

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Okay, you guys might not believe this...

Sonic Generations... is... fun!

Only complaints:

-Cannot hit down to turn a run into a roll, a key functionality and originally the only way to roll
-Camera is a little too jumpy
-Ring Dash can be activated without a line of rings, any time, any where, no cooldown
-Spin Dashing is OP. It claims to require charging, but even without any charge you are basically at top speed upon release
-The cutscenes are too long
-Taking damage paralyzes you for too long, pretty frustrating
-When jumping, sonic is displayed as a spinning sonic. I prefer a spinning blue ball, but that's just me

But what I like about it:

-Music is awesome
-Sound effects are great
-Physics is A-OK
-Graphics are really good
-The dialogue is actually kinda funny
-Homing attack is back to SA2:B style, which is great
-Gotta go fast!
-There is enough difficulty that you will take damage now and then
-The stages are more like reimagining past stages rather than remaking them. I would like to see some new themes though, I think that might come later

There is an overworld and it's kinda meh, but you get to run and jump around in it so it's also kinda fun.

I will definitely play this game some more.

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Generations is pretty great, yeah. It ain't perfect, but it has a lot of playability. Colors was way better story wise but I like all the wise-cracking and such in both.

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I should go back and play Gens again, now that Lost World is a bust and I won't have a Wii U by this holiday like I first thought I would.

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