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Alright. Banjo Kazooie = done. Finished it 100%. Got all the notes and all the puzzle pieces. Feels great to have that one finally finished after owning it since middle school.

I have 2 main thoughts about that game:
•The Notes - There's 100 of them in each level. These seem fun to collect at first, but soon turn quite tedious because if you die, you have to go into the level and collect all 100 again. Not a huge deal for someone who's patient like myself, but I guess that's what makes it challenging; see if you can get all 100 in a level without dying. At least the puzzle pieces were permanent once you got them. That would have been a real downer if they weren't and made the game so much more tedious.

•The End Boss - My goodness this was insane. I think I spent 3-5 hours battling this boss. I had difficulties with the flying part and lining up with Gruntilda and hitting her, and I had difficulties shooting the eggs into the holes in the statues. I blame both of these on older N64 style controls, particularely for aiming. The rest of the controls were fine, it was just aiming that was an issue. I also encountered what seemed like a bug where I couldn't seem to shoot an egg into one of the statues. The statues required 3 shots each, and you'd know the egg hit the hole in the bottom of the statue when a sound played, and I couldn't get the egg to register, despite firing over 80-100 eggs at the hole at different angles. This happened on multiple attempts on the boss. But I finally got one really clean run near the end and managed to time everything perfectly and won.

All in all, good game, but very glad it's done. I'm never attempting that boss again.

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Next up, Zelda; it's finished! But not *complete*. I'm still working on that on and off now. But after upgrading every piece of armor in the game to maximum level, completing every main quest, side quest, shrine quest, and memory, and also finishing all of the DLC content, I finally decided to try to battle the end boss (spoiler alert, it's Ganon... but you're literally told that at the very beginning of the game). My play time is around 215 hours, and before someone asks, no, I don't have anywhere near every Korok seed...but it's on the todo list sometime after I finish more games that are on my list for this year.

I absolutely love how Nintendo executed this game. I honestly can't say anything bad about it. The entire time playing, I never once felt bored or frustrated (although it helps that I'm never either bored *or* frustrated in general...). But the game was really, really enjoyable. The art style is amazing, the story is amazing, the cut scenes are amazing, the crafting is amazing and done *just* right so you don't feel like it's overly complex, but at the same time, it's thorough, and my goodness the conversations with characters being able to proceed while you STILL HAVE CONTROL OF THE CAMERA are all so great. The environment truly is just beautiful though and an awesome way to relax at the end of the day.

I also love how they gave you the end goal right off the bat, and then basically said "k, get there how you will" and leave it up to you. I was honestly not sure how that was going to end up working with you being able to choose the path you took in the game and the order that things were done; I was worried I wouldn't have enough direction and that it would feel like I was just doing things without really having a solid reason, and then eventually just reaching a boss. But they made it work really well and the story totally worked regardless of the order you took.

The other thing I wasn't sure about was hearing that "characters would talk" in this game, and by that, I learned "in cut scenes" mostly, and the odd voice clip here and there in game. But that also worked and I never had a problem with it. I was worried it would be too much of a change and feel weird for a Zelda game, but again, Nintendo nailed it and it wasn't too much in my opinion.

I can't wait to see the next one after this!

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